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best skincare products for men in winter

A Word From Our CEO

While the cannabinoid world remains new and evolving, skin, beauty and the resulting problems have been around since the stone-age. At GALYNA we feature a team of industry stalwarts and a scientific focus of experimental therapeutics, antibiotic resistance, prevention of skin born infectious disease and microbial pathogenesis; this work has culminated in related international patents and plenty to come.

However our eyes are collectively on more. If our team can win in their prior entrenched worlds, they are more than ready to bring proven cannabinoid therapies to the masses now. Our initial portfolio represents three legs of fundamental skincare: fixing surface damage, defying stress, aging and acne, and finally, reducing deeper pains. These are respectfully known to us as: Repair, Dream and Soothe.

In the coming months and years, we aim to bring more specified formulations and other innovations. Cannabinoids and the skin are a match made in heaven. The possibilities are endless and we are in search of those proven technologies to make your life better both inside and out. Until then, I wish you and your skin well.


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