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Dream is an all-night, anti-aging, deep moisturizer to put your skin and mind to sleep while going to work with a light lavender scent. But have you ever tried an anti-aging deep moisturizer that also kills off acne bacteria at statistically similar rates as the damaging acids and alcohols of the common over the counter stuff? Me neither. It is the power of healing, all around. Night, night, wrinkles, time and red spots. That’s no dream, it’s our Dream: Night Rejuvenating Crème.

To this day it reminds me of my mom… A few years back, we infused our first test batch of Dream in my Denver home kitchen. Mom was in town for Christmas, and after supper spied it in a Pyrex masquerading as a pudding-like concoction in our fridge. (While not the same as what is on shelves now, we had originally endeavored it as a higher milligram dosage under-eye rescue which gave it a tighter elasticity.) I had to soon let her be the first to take it for a spin. She applied liberally, then went to bed. When she awoke, she raved about it over breakfast. I shrugged it off as a proud mom enthusiastically obligated to compliment whatever I then called my cannabis-infused career. The next night, after everyone had gone to bed, I was alone, watching tv in our living room. I heard a rumble in the kitchen. I went to investigate and found mom, lit up by the open refrigerator door in her robe and pajamas. Midnight snack? Nope, she was fingers deep into that Pyrex prototype again. In defense, she told me: “This is better than [name dropping her usual go-to, a very expensive euro-aquatic sounding facial product.] But yours makes my skin so taut; I know it’s working after one night!” In that second, I knew we had a winner. We have since tamed it back for a universal full-face application. But you never know what our future pipeline brings too.

Anecdotally, her experience and others after have been unreal. Acne? Shrunk. Wrinkles, tamed. Glow: you bet!

The Dream crème shows accelerated collagen production via gene expression, in a non-irritating mode.  In layman’s terms: it plumps and shrinks all the right and wrong places through your endocannabinoid system’s homeostasis. Even simpler… It aids your skin finding balance and leveling. There’s also a bonus anti-microbial aspect which greatly depletes acne; very rare for any moisturizer. It’s great for sensitive skin, like mine, always needing hydration and rejuvenation one night at a time. 

Our lab vets it out, too. We access US military-grade diagnostics to design and maximize efficacy on true human skin. We test our prospective inventions on small discs of living skin samples, mainly garnered from elective surgery remnants (think: tummy tuck leftovers. Yuck, I know). We paint our formulations onto said samples of living flesh then track progress under high powered microscopes, even using fluorescent light staining to predict where future healing will occur before solid evidence materializes. This is literally looking into the future, and is a process we use on many of our inventions. It is most impressive to date with our Repair

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