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Julia Parzyck

“I loved using the GALYNA repair cream, I had a burn on my hand and it healed SO nicely with no scar! I really love their products and they felt...

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Gabby Poux

“I gave their pain relief cream a shot and when i paired it with the muscle roller the pain melted away. I use GALYNA not only because it works...

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Emma Ward (@em.hashh)

“I’ve experimented with all three formulations. Every night, I apply the Soothe pain relief cream on my back before bedtime and wake up...

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Belle and Zach

My husband and I both love GALYNA products – Zach is a chef and uses Repair for burns sustained in the kitchen and it clears them up like nothing...

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Susan A.

“I was visiting my son in Denver and complained of severe pain in my shoulders. He recommended the Soothe cream. In a few hours the pain was gone...

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Lauren H.

“I’m absolutely loving the pain cream. I’m usually hesitant to try topicals because I usually end up disappointed. That was not the...

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