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Birth of GALYNA

In 2013, I began putting together the pieces that would become my first cannabis company. I based the ensuing decisions methodically but hurried on the unique situation I found myself in – a strong belief in my partners and a burgeoning business potential, if done right, of the world’s impending first adult-use marijuana legalization.

Through an overall desire to deliver happiness to myself and many others in a time of my life where I was personally and professionally directionless, I saw how I could elevate others through my own quest. I thought “getting into pot” would be a quick way to make a buck, while I did not truly really believe in the plant beyond its well-known properties of temporary escape (of which I was also definitely in need of back then, too). I could not have been more wrong on both fronts. 

In the year or so prior, I had lost my father to a lengthy battle with colon cancer. His human life soon evaporated into a leftover financial pittance compared to the man he was to us. Seeing someone’s existence morphed into insurance dollars, turned my mom’s stomach. She asked me to do something that would make him proud with the funds. I explained my interests, and she reminded me that eating illegal marijuana had brought him hard-won comfort in his final years. 

In those months, I was also in between careers and seeking a way to anchor myself again to a gratifying professional calling. I soon melded the circumstances and capitalized a nascent startup with most of what he monetarily left behind, alongside one other investor. It was the gamble of a lifetime, no pun intended, as I doubled down on myself… and this crazy plant. It was a destiny of sorts? 

Short story: we won and that company Veritas Fine Cannabis is still pioneering the cultivation of illicit flowers in Denver, Colorado and beyond. But during those heady first days, I always had an eye on how to best represent the plant to more people like me. People with needs, and people that maybe aren’t yet totally bought in to the power of that plant. Skin care seemed to be a great starting point for many reasons.

There are three main ways to imbibe cannabinoids (the driving force of plant-based medicine found in cannabis, hemp and of course: GALYNA). One has the options to inhale them, eat them or luxuriate the largest organ of the human body with those magical, organic building blocks for health by applying them on your skin.

Much as with cannabis cultivation, I knew that what I bring to the equation was not the core competency of the business. I’m a generalist; AKA, a master of none. At GALYNA I bring thought leadership from my cannabis background, while my partners specialize in enhancing those plants through best-in-class formulations, crafting textures and hydration previously seen in the fanciest of cosmetic counters, and the diagnostic testing to empirically quantify that our compounds are not only working (proving efficacy is a BIG ask for this space) but performing in a superior manner to placebos, generic cannabinoid oils and our competition. Our findings also drive development of future cannabinoid-laden skin solutions and build hope for more avenues to heal.

Subsequently, our first legal flowers have paid dividends to many. GALYNA too is a fruit of those built successes. I see my father’s legacy in this labor of love, one that he was never able to know.  While Veritas may have been my first business, GALYNA is personal.

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