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Your new favorite thing ever: Repair.

Repair is our scientific workhorse and basically a “fix everything” balm.  When all hell breaks loose on your skin: tears, sutures, rashes, any kind of broken, abraded, infected skin and you need that ‘in case of emergency break glass’ relief: Repair is your answer. Short of that need, it’s also great for mild irritants. Case in point: my personal, pre-production stash of Repair was getting depleted by everyone’s dry, cracking and bloody hands from our constant hand sanitizing and piping hot washing during flu, RSV, Covid seasons… again. I feel like the neighborhood drug dealer, except all the customers only want illicit hand balm.

Our microscopes will show you how cellular regrowth occurs within 24 hours, while the lidocaine offers additional pain relief and active cannabinoids in a 1:1 ratio also bring an army of assistance for keeping germs at bay while you’re more vulnerable. Its thick viscosity varnishes a layer of protection from the outside world, even hours after application, while the underbelly of the balm goes to work putting you back together as fast as it knows how. Repair brings an all-encompassing battle to those pesky or clinical setbacks on our skin. 

If Dream reminds me of mom, then Repair reminds me of dad. He suffered through upwards of twenty plus surgeries to his abdominal region, removing tumors, organs, and even bones to beat the cancer back. That said, when you are on radiation and chemo, the body is unable to heal those invasive operations. He had his wounds re-dressed almost daily during his last years, and I know Repair would have been part of his regimen. I also know it would’ve helped. He died with open wounds yet hadn’t had surgery for months. After his death I’m the one with wounds that won’t heal, but for the rest I have Repair. That said, he’s not here to testify, but he remains in my life through these gifts to the world.

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