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Innovation, Efficacy & Transparency

Our Team

Black and white image of Tobias Ripsom, CEO of GALYNA

Tobias Ripsom

Chief Executive Officer | Co-Founder

Toby directs GALYNA’s plant powered solutions into the skin care universe. As the co-founder of Veritas Fine Cannabis, Colorado’s original craft cannabis, Toby had a front row seat to the first adult-use legalization of cannabis and hemp. In that era, the power of superiorly cultivated trees, and their magical budding flowers was all encompassing. Seeing this, he began to cobble together concepts friendlier to the masses yet still rooted in his gardens. It was clear, the game changing plant matter he processed everyday could also be a packaged good. After suffering from a lifetime of troubled skin and now aging out of its resiliency, he partnered with topical industry veterans to dabble with benchtop prototypes. Toby’s fascination with real results from illicit ingredients grew irresistible. Never satisfied with the proof behind claims, nor touch and feel of dispensary offerings versus what he saw in department store skin care, he set out to prove cannabinoids benefited every body.

Toby brought almost a decade of operational, financial and marketing management prowess from real estate related endeavors to the cultivation arena of Denver circa 2014. His company helped pioneer America’s first legal marketplace and legitimize the alternative vice through professional trust and best in class craftsmanship. Nearly a decade later, he is still learning daily how plant power can improve lives and bodies, then turning that knowledge into the next skin solution.

A one-time Nordic ski racer for both the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation and University of New Hampshire Wildcats, he can still be found testing GALYNA formulations, both before, during and after endless high-altitude kilometers.  A husband and father of two sons, he and his family reside in Denver, Colorado.

Black and white image of GALYNA's Chief Scientific Officer, Marnie Peterson

Marnie Peterson, PharmD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Marnie Peterson is an entrepreneur, innovator, and expert in infectious diseases. She has 25+ years of experience in the development and discovery of new therapeutics related to infectious diseases and wound healing. In 2016, she founded and became the CEO of Jackson, Wyoming-based Extherid Biosciences to focus on new approaches to preclinical research including live animal alternatives (ex vivo tissue models) that aim to accelerate and predict clinical outcomes. This unique approach to technology development led to research collaborations with the FDA, academics, and global companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic industries.

In 2020, Extherid merged with UK-based Perfectus Biomed and became Perfectus Biomed, LLC, which operated as a US-based subsidiary of Perfectus Biomed Group. The new entity brought together over 60 employees focused on improving lives through innovative science. Marnie was the US Managing Director and CSO of Perfectus Biomed Group which was uniquely positioned to support global clients from preclinical development and throughout the regulatory stage. In 2022, Perfectus Biomed Group was acquired by NAMSA to expand the expertise and service offerings in customized micobiology to the MedTech industry globally. Marnie continues serves as a consultant to the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota and hosts a podcast Superbugs and You. Before establishing Extherid, Marnie was tenured faculty at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology for 11 years. At the University, she established a research program and led multimillion-dollar research projects with the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, and various foundations and industrial partners. In 2014, the Minnesota Business Magazine selected Marnie as a Change Agent finalist for the Leaders in Health Care Awards. She earned a PhD in Infection from the University of Birmingham Medical School, United Kingdom and PharmD and BS degrees from the University of Minnesota.

She has published over 50 scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals including Nature and holds a significant patent portfolio for her discoveries, which serve as the basis for a clinical stage women’s health company, Hennepin Life Sciences that was licensed to Dare Biosience. Importantly, these patents, experiences and life lessons informed her role as CSO of GALYNA.

In 2014, the Minnesota Business Magazine selected Marnie as a Change Agent finalist for the Leaders in Health Care Awards. She earned a PhD in Infection from the University of Birmingham Medical School, United Kingdom and PharmD and BS degrees from the University of Minnesota.

Black and white image of a statue head in a gallery.

The Future of Cannabinoid Science

GALYNA™ is the synthesis of institutional life sciences and legalized craft cannabis. Our team’s history of success includes 45+ years of organic skincare formulation among the biggest names in the industry, a cannabis brand’s original co-founding pioneer, and scientific testing and precision by an expert in the development of topical products.

How do we know it works?

We have spent years researching and developing advanced topical formulations, and running a vast range of specialist studies via an independent laboratory to demonstrate efficacy, skin rejuvenation and restoration to ensure the integrity of our research and findings.

We test for proven effectiveness using human skin samples ethically sourced from post-plastic surgeries. It is here, under the microscope and other biochemical studies, that we explore skin cell changes to develop effective solutions and guide GALYNA™ formulations into the future.

Study 1 – Skin Metabolism

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and a healthy metabolism is crucial to your human health. Skin metabolism is important in controlling regrowth and detoxification properties. Increased metabolic activity is widely defined as: managing rates of cell turnover and regeneration, collagen production, and repairing damage from UV exposure and aging.

What we Learned

Our proprietary formulations encourage positive biotransformation, and cellular regeneration within 24 hours. Through laboratory testing, we discovered that our formulations can enhance skin metabolism up to 50% more than untreated skin, in a non-irritating manner, and increase healing.

  • A person in a white lab coat and blue gloves is working inside a laboratory fume hood, handling scientific equipment or samples on a metal tray.
    Skin Metabolism
  • A diagram titled "Study 1 - Skin Metabolism" illustrating a cross-section of a skin culture setup with explants on top, exposed to air with a specified temperature and carbon dioxide concentration, above a porous membrane and culture media within a container
    Skin Metabolism Visual

    Study. 2 – Wound Healing

    The study was led by our Chief Scientific Officer, whose previous experience specialized in prevention of the spread of infectious disease through open wounds and has conducted topical wound healing development studies for the Department of Defense, National Institute of Health and other multinational organizations.

    For this study, we sourced human skin explants and created wound beds to treat with our cannabinoid-infused, lanolin-based Repair formulation. These samples were tracked and observed for a week at 63x magnification. Stimulation of wound healing and re-epithelialization (ie. the resurfacing of a wound with new epithelium) of the wound bed was noted by production of keratinocytes (K-17).

    What We Learned

    A one-time application of Repair stimulated the production of keratin 17 (K17) a cytokeratin important for epithelial migration and wound healing. The data shows that through skin penetration, our cannabinoid-infused formulations are able to reach the intended target receptors and promote wound healing via K17 expression.

    • This is a microscopic image of keratinocytes (K17) in green and cell nuclei in blue, demonstrating GALYNA's research on the effects of cannabinoids on skin cell regeneration and wound healing. The fluorescence highlights the innovative approach to skincare, aligning with GALYNA's focus on scientific efficacy.
      Keratinocytes (K17)
      Keratinocytes (K17) are fluorescent green, and the nuclei of the cells colored blue.

      Study. 3 – Antibacterial

      This study was conducted to determine the antibacterial/anti-acne effectiveness of GALYNA™ formulations against the bacteria, Cutibacterium acnes, which causes acne. Ex vivo human skin obtained via post-surgical elective surgery and under IRB protocol was prepared as 5mm explants. Cutibacterium acnes was inoculated to the surface for 2 hours incubation prior to treatment with Dream (cannabinoid-containing) and Dream base (no cannabinoids).

      What We Learned

      After 24h exposure and incubation, C. acnes bacterial densities were determined and a reduction in bacterial counts was logged. Cannabinoid-containing Dream formulation significantly reduced C. acnes compared to growth controls of C. acnes. Dream base composition (lacking cannabinoids) did not significantly reduce C. acnes.

      • A bar graph from GALYNA's Study 3 displaying the antibacterial effects of the Dream formulation compared to its base. The graph shows a significant decrease in Cutibacterium acnes bacteria post-treatment, with the Dream formulation eliminating nearly 99.9% of bacteria, significantly more than the base.
        Decrease in C. acnes bacteria post-treatment.

        Study. 4 – Non-Irritation

        For this study, our proprietary Dream and Repair formulations were all tested extensively using an adapted common standard irritation protocol (OECD 439), against commonly known irritants. A formulation can pass as non-irritating when 50% of cells are still viable after 24hrs of application. Viability of human skin after treatment with CBD containing formulations was assessed over three 24h continuous treatments of 10uL where formulations were washed off and re-applied at each time point.

        The formulations were compared to controls that were non-irritating, moderate irritants, and strong irritants. This shows that all formulations tested did not decrease the viability of tissue in a manner that would indicate irritation. Our formulations passed with human skin cells remaining at above that mark, beyond twice that duration and only dipping below 50% near 72hrs.

        What We Learned

        The exposure time required to decrease viability to 50% is called the ET50. A longer ET50 means that skin tissue can be exposed to treatments for longer times before viability is decreased to half of the original. All formulations tested had an ET50 over 24hrs and were much higher than the mild irritant standard. Therefore, the formulations were classified as non-irritating substances.

        • A line graph showing the prolonged efficacy of GALYNA skincare product over a 72-hour period. The data points indicate a gradual decrease in the concentration of active ingredients, remaining above 50% viability for an extended time, showcasing the product's gentle, non-irritating properties on the skin.
          Viability % Compared to PBS Control
        • A line graph depicting the duration of action for GALYNA's Repair Healing Balm over a 72-hour period, illustrating a decrease in effect while maintaining substantial efficacy, which indicates the long-lasting benefits of the product on the skin.
          Viability % Compared to PBS Control

          Study. 5 – Collagen Production

          Our most recent study was conducted to assess the promotion of collagen production in Dream. As before, ex vivo human skin tissue was prepared and treated with Dream (A1) and the base (A2) formulation for analysis. Using reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR), the most sensitive method for mRNA gene quantification, we were able to determine changes in collagen type I alpha 1 (COL1A1) gene expression in human skin following daily treatment with Dream. Type I collagen is the most abundant form of collagen in the human body.

          What We Learned

          After 72hrs, Dream (A1) showed a significant increase in COLIA1 gene expression, a Type I collagen, outperforming the base formula (A2) over 7- fold. Also in other studies not shown, the active formulation (A1) was non-irritating up to 72 hours as was demonstrated in the previous studies.

          A trio of bar graphs comparing the expression of COL1A1, a gene associated with collagen production, in human skin samples treated with GALYNA's formulations A1 and A2 over a period of 72 hours. The graphs show a marked increase in COL1A1 expression in the A1 sample group at all time points, indicating the effectiveness of the A1 formulation in promoting collagen synthesis.
          A monochrome portrait of a thoughtful young man gazing upwards, with sunlight casting shadows across his face, highlighting the natural texture of his skin and hair.

          Our Mission:

          Your Well-Being

          The GALYNA™ mission is to provide science-based, all-natural, topical skincare products, by enhancing the full potential of cannabinoid science to help people take better care of their most essential barrier – the skin.

          A joyful woman carries skis on her shoulder, laughing heartily with her head tilted back against a snowy mountain landscape. The candid moment captures the essence of winter sports' exhilaration and the carefree spirit of the season.

          Our Vision:

          Accessible & Adaptable

          Our advanced skincare formulations are the result of research backed science, and designed to be used in sync with your lifestyle and existing personal care regimen, for adults 21 years and older. We aim to be completely transparent about our research and results, and to continue expanding our knowledge for future product development.

          An artistic black and white photograph focusing on the contours and form of the human body, capturing a close-up of a person's folded arms and upper torso, emphasizing the beauty of the human figure and the play of light and shadow.

          Our People:

          Industry Experts

          The GALYNA™ team boasts multiple doctorates, organic formulators from the biggest skin care laboratories and cannabis industry pioneers. We’ve enlisted the expertise of scientists, whose research work is focused on innovating, testing and developing bio-solutions that allow us to gain a greater understanding of the effects of various cannabinoids on the human body. With their help, we are continuously adapting and improving our formulas, to bring you the highest-quality products

          A monochrome image capturing the grace of a yoga practitioner in Downward-Facing Dog pose, focused on their extended arms and arched back, portraying strength and flexibility within a serene indoor setting.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Products & Ingredients

          What age is GALYNA™ appropriate for?
          Our products are designed for 21+ only. Keep out of reach of children.
          Will I get ‘high’?
          GALYNA™ products are for topical use only and will not get you ‘high’ in the same way that other THC-infused products do, for example edibles or vaporizers.
          Will I fail drug tests?
          Unlike some skin formulations, the molecules of GALYNA™ are not small enough to enter the bloodstream.
          Can I use too much GALYNA?
          Everybody is different, but as with any new skincare product, we advise that you try a small amount on your skin first. Discontinue use if redness or other irritations occur.
          Is GALYNA formulated and tested cruelty free?
          Yes. We actually test exclusively on human skin, gained from cadavers or post-plastic surgery, in an independent lab, under microscopes and other diagnostic tools to gauge efficacy and other quantitative metrics of success and failure to deliver the right solution for human skin only.
          Are all GALYNA™ products plant-based?
          GALYNA™ products consist of ingredients that are plant based except one: lanolin, found in Repair. Lanolin is naturally sourced from sheep’s wool.
          Are all GALYNA™ products fragrance-free?
          GALYNA™ products are not fragranced in the technical sense. Our Soothe formulation contains menthol, and Dream has whispers of lavender essential oil.
          Can I use GALYNA™ with other cannabis products? What about other medications?
          We know that both cannabis and skincare are deeply personal. For best results, we recommend using GALYNA™ on its own at first, to monitor your body’s reaction. Beyond that, our products can pair very well with other responsibly used cannabis products. That said, always consult your personal physician for complete clarity.
          Is GALYNA™ safe to use during pregnancy/nursing?
          The research regarding CBD and THC usage during pregnancy in general is still inconclusive. We recommend consulting your physician prior to use.
          Are there any toxic or potentially harmful ingredients in any of the GALYNA™ products?
          No. All of our ingredients are 100% natural. We are committed to using only the highest-quality, clean skincare ingredients. We value healing over harming.
          What should I do if I have an allergic reaction?
          Contact your doctor right away if you experience an allergic reaction.

          General Knowledge

          What is the endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

          All humans, and many other animals, have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS), an endogenous system that regulates biological balance, or homeostasis.

          The ECS consists of three key elements:

          1. Cannabinoid Receptors (CB1 and CB2),
          2. Endocannabinoids (chemical compounds produced by the body) and
          3. Metabolic Enzymes (produced to break down endocannabinoids).

          Phytocannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, interact with the ECS by mimicking biological receptor responses.

          What are CBD (and THC) constituents?

          CBD and THC are only two of 113+ identified chemical compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. Both compounds interact with the naturally occurring human Endocannabinoid System.

          CBD (Cannabidiol) is a major, non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid (i.e. plant produced compound that has no ‘mind-altering’ effects). CBD is produced in large concentrations in the cannabis plant species, and can also be found in other plants, such as hops.

          THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound in cannabis that is psychoactive, and when consumed or smoked, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and travels to the brain, attaching itself to the naturally-occurring endocannabinoid receptors located in the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and basal ganglia. These are the parts of the brain responsible for thinking, memory, pleasure, coordination and movement.

          To shop GALYNA’s Extra Strength (THC) products, please visit

          What is CBD Isolate?
          CBD isolate is a pure, isolated form of CBD. There are no other active compounds in the extract. It represents the most uniformly, batch replicable cannabinoid for our scientific studies.
          What is the difference between Topical vs Transdermal?
          The difference revolves around locally sitting atop the skin (Topical), versus penetrating into the greater body systems via your skin (Transdermal). GALYNA™ first and foremost delivers skin-centric science to focus on only the outermost layers. GALYNA™’s scientific advantage is Topical in nature which allows only target areas of outer skin to receive our treatment. A Transdermal product is designed to pass through the epidermis into the deeper tissues and bloodstream, to affect other parts of your mind and body, but may signal positive results in drug testing. Transdermal techniques are commonly used in pharmaceutical applications. GALYNA™ exclusively crafts Topicals designed to improve your skin and life. ​
          How do cannabinoids help with skin problems?
          There are endocannabinoid receptors found throughout the body and skin. Applying cannabinoids topically targets a localized bodily response. Direct interaction with skin receptors through cannabinoids releases the compounds anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Learn more here.

          Our Company

          How do you pronounce GALYNA™ and what does it mean?

          Pronounced ‘Gah-lee-nah’, the word has several interesting meanings:

          1) It is the name of the Balkan Goddess of Calm and Tranquility.

          2) Galena is also the name of a highly sought after ore used in silver mining in the intermountain west like Aspen & Sun Valley. 3) It is the name of an eye make-up used to fend off the sun by ancient Egyptians.

          Where are you based, and where are your products made?
          Our founding and distribution team is based in Denver, Colorado. We are proud to blend 100% of our formulations in the USA, with global ingredients. Our proprietary final formulation is made in small batches and with exacting standards with Colorado cannabinoids.
          What further research or science do you have available?
          Please visit our Science page to read more about the research and data we currently have available. Our formulations are patent pending and proprietary. We are continuously building on the results of our early testing and collecting customer feedback. We have several other products containing cannabinoids in advanced development that target other skin problems.

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