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GALYNA skincare for sensitive skin


“I loved using the GALYNA repair cream, I had a burn on my hand and it healed SO nicely with no scar! I really love their products and they felt super nourishing and the quality was supreme!” 

– Julia Parzyck

“I gave their pain relief cream a shot and when i paired it with the muscle roller the pain melted away. I use GALYNA not only because it works the first time but its environmentally friendly, stoner friendly and made by skin experts.”

– Gabby Poux

“I’ve experimented with all three formulations. Every night, I apply the Soothe pain relief cream on my back before bedtime and wake up pain-free! Throughout the day, I enjoy applying the Repair healing balm to alleviate symptoms.

– Emma Ward (@em.hashh)

My husband and I both love GALYNA products – Zach is a chef and uses Repair for burns sustained in the kitchen and it clears them up like nothing he’s ever used before. No dark scarring or painful blistering. And we both love to use Soothe for pain relief – he uses it on sore muscles and I use it for when a tough migraine comes on! We’re super thankful for the GALYNA product line in our life. Thank you! 

– Belle and Zach

“I was visiting my son in Denver and complained of severe pain in my shoulders. He recommended the Soothe cream. In a few hours the pain was gone and I was pain free for several days. I’ve tried other products without success. This is wonderful.”

– Susan A.

“I’m absolutely loving the pain cream. I’m usually hesitant to try topicals because I usually end up disappointed. That was not the case this time! The cream reduces the pain in my neck and back. It also doesn’t have that overwhelming smell that most pain creams have. 10/10 would recommend anyone in pain to give it a try!”

– Lauren H.

“The Repair Healing Balm is literally magic. My husband used it at work (he keeps it in his knife bag at work as a chef) and it helped a bad burn go away almost immediately before it blistered. Just incredible! Thank you so so much!”

– Belle (@thegalwithhoops)

“I have all 3 products, but my favorite thus far has been REPAIR. I use it frequently on my feet because I am often barefoot/in sandals over the summer and my feet can always use some TLC – it has kept them feeling fresh and has quickly healed the natural imperfections that arise from dancing barefoot at Red Rocks ETC 🙂 But most recently, I am loving REPAIR for a scrape on my knee. I’ve been using it 2-3x per day and the scrape is healing quickly and not bothering me at all. So grateful for this product!”

– Megan L. / Summertime Enthusiast

“Really out of desperation and curiosity, I used your pain cream. I’ve used tons so kind of blow it off as they never work – the pain I experience is in such a large region of my back that sometimes “quieting it” on one side ends up being more painful for another – so I just don’t bother. But last night…about five minutes in…my back muscles relaxed. The pain throughout my entire right side – shoulder blade, rib cage, upper back – stopped. I slept on it, I was able to stretch it in ways I haven’t been able to in years, and I am in complete aw. This is a miracle for me. I hope you realize that. If this continues to work as it did last night, I will mitigate the need for shoulder AND back surgery AND MORE SO, painkillers.I am just so taken aback that it worked and how well it worked that I just had to share. Wow! Please consider me a fan and a customer!”

– Eliana B / The Supper Club

“This stuff is truly amazing. Someone from my immediate family had surgery done on their hand. Worried about the scarring in such a visible location, they tried out the Repair Healing Balm every day for a week after the stitches came out and within just one week, it looked as if no surgery had ever happened. No signs of scarring at all. These products are magical!”

– Jordan P

“We were lucky to be able to try their three topical creams! We loved them all. DREAM is our favorite!”

– Kate & Mandy / @2girls1milehigh / 2 Girls – 1 Mile High

“Dream is the softest creme I have ever felt. I love the lavender essence. It’s the best part of my nighttime routine.”

– Sarah E

“I have been using the GALYNA skincare the last couple of days and LOVE the line of products! I think what you’re doing with the 1:1 ratio 300mg is super potent + powerful ~ the dream creme has made my face so soft and the repair has been great on my arms (and I’ve been rubbing the soothe into my neck)”

– Emily McCarter / @mccartergetshigh / High Minded Podcast

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