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Skincare Science: Baby Boomers to Benefit the Most From Booming Skincare Market (Now Available Nationwide)

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An Industrial BOOM! is Coming from CBD Skincare Science in Colorado – and Boomers Will Likely Benefit the Most (At First)

In the ever-advancing world of beauty, wellness and skincare, a new Renaissance is here.

GALYNA (headquartered near Denver, Colorado) is at the forefront of this transformation with its new, revolutionary skincare line: GALYNA. And Boomers across the country are taking notice…

You Say You Want a Revolution?

As the pioneers of numerous cultural revolutions, such as the “Flower Power” movement, Baby Boomers led the way in America’s second big cultural revolution, where they cultivated everything from Woodstock to the Moon Landing (less than a month apart, in the same year). As the anti-establishment thought leaders of the era get older and retire, some age-related ailments require equally alternative and diverse solutions.

The “Baby Boomers” (born 1946-1964) have always been at the forefront of embracing societal changes and revolutions. It’s no surprise that 24 years after WWII ended (1945), the first doctorate students in engineering and flight analysts graduated and entered the NASA Apollo program. So how do these radical minds now apply their revolutionary thinking to skin care…?

As more people retire and focus on self-care, the skincare revolution offers a new frontier.

The GALYNA Skincare Difference

Our products are not just skincare formulas; enjoy a fusion of science-led efficacy and natural, immaculately crafted ingredients to provide the ultimate sensory experience to you (and your skin). GALYNA’s skincare range soothes, rejuvenates and protects the skin, while addressing concerns such as dryness, fine lines and loss of skin elasticity. But that’s just the beginning…

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The Highest Standards Possible: Where High-End Skincare Meets Cutting-Edge Science

At GALYNA, we take the scientific method seriously. We believe that your skin’s care is about than just about indulgence; it’s about delivering results for people who are just like us. Our story is personal, our science is impeccable, and our mission is to provide anyone who uses GALYNA an improved life.

GALYNA’s remarkable formulations not only feel sumptuous, but they also work to promote healthy and radiant skin immediately. While the healing balm REPAIR is specifically designed to target – and does wonders for – acne, burns, cuts, scars, sunburns, etc.

A True Testament to Timeless Beauty

Baby Boomers (particularly) love the GALYNA Skincare line. With its accessible rejuvenation and anti-aging capabilities, the [cellular] skin metabolism turnover that GALYNA inspires results in newer, fresher [skin cell] life cycles.

We learned about cyclical ailments (for most people of a certain age) who experience foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder and joint pain. All who have to constantly manage a “revolving door of symptoms”, as one patient so eloquently put it, “in an ongoing effort to just get through my day.”

“My grandmother, 86, played her piano again for the first time in years,” one reviewer said, highlighting how SOOTHE assisted with her grandmother’s arthritic [hand] pain.

While another reviewer went on to add, “I have an old skiing injury that still bothers me on any cold night… and when I used SOOTHE on my back, it was like a hot tub in a jar… and I slept better than I had in years. And my wife just loves DREAM.”

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Embrace Wellness via Skin Care

You’re invited to explore the transformative power of GALYNA and to discover how our bespoke formulations can elevate your skin care regimen. We offer you nature’s most powerful botanicals combined into the pinnacle of skin care, relief… and beauty.

Join the Skin Revolution

The beauty and wellness landscape is evolving, and GALYNA is at the forefront of change. It’s time to experience the best that nature and science have to offer… It’s time for GALYNA.

Skin Care” vs. “Skincare“: The former is typically used when referring to the actual care of your skin, as in your routine or the practice of skin “care”; while the latter [compounded] term is used primarily when referring to products or the “skincare” industry, as any part or whole.

For Example:
“Your skin looks amazing! What are you doing for your skin care?”
“Well, I just use the full suite of GALYNA skincare products.”

Do you have questions? Reach out to us at or email at:

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