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Eliana B / The Supper Club

“Really out of desperation and curiosity, I used your pain cream. I’ve used tons so kind of blow it off as they never work – the pain I experience is in such a large region of my back that sometimes “quieting it” on one side ends up being more painful for another – so I just don’t bother. But last night…about five minutes in…my back muscles relaxed. The pain throughout my entire right side – shoulder blade, rib cage, upper back – stopped. I slept on it, I was able to stretch it in ways I haven’t been able to in years, and I am in complete aw. This is a miracle for me. I hope you realize that. If this continues to work as it did last night, I will mitigate the need for shoulder AND back surgery AND MORE SO, painkillers.I am just so taken aback that it worked and how well it worked that I just had to share. Wow! Please consider me a fan and a customer!”

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